Website design at an affordable price

Whether it's building a web presence from scratch or redesigning an existing site, I can help. I offer cheap, professional websites for small businesses and personal use. If you have any questions about what I am able to offer, please get in touch.

Content Management System

Keep your website updated. Add, change or remove text and images whenever you please. It's so quick and easy. You don't need to be a computer whiz, anyone can do it. But for those changes that do require a little more effort, I'll be on hand to assist.

Simple, user friendly websites

I use the Internet a lot, maybe too much. And so, I know what makes a good website. Often, web designers focus too much on making a website unique, they forget the most important thing; usability. If a site doesn't navigate well, is slow and clunky, users will very quickly become frustrated and look elsewhere. My main aim when designing a site is to make it easy to use, otherwise, it doesn't matter how fancy it looks, no one will use it.

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  • Website design
  • Site re-design
  • Logo design
  • Search engine optimisation (SEO)
  • Content management system (CMS)


Single page site £95+
5 page site £150+
10 page site £210+
20+ page site £280+
Add e-commerce £100+
Logo design £35
CMS £10+/month

Prices are a rough guide and are subject to the difficulty of work involved.

A minimum payment of £5 for each update (full price will depend on the update required).

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